About Joseph Major, LMP
Joseph Major, LMP     Having been involved in the health environment for approximately 7 years, it has been my continuing pleasure to help clients achieve a better sense of mental and physical well-being; by definition, a better sense of health. Massage promotes the healing process for everyone in need; whether it’s cancer patients, pre-surgery or post-surgery treatment, strains or sprains the ultimate goal is to strive for optimal health of the client. My professional protocol emphasizes safety and comfort for each client; which is paramount in the health field. This is the foundation of my business and everything that I strive to maintain. Massage not only enables one to promote healing but also helps re-establish emotional and psychological well-being.

     The ability to influence change through massage profoundly impacts all of us in a way that is hard to measure. What we give back through touch, is a direct catalyst in helping others obtain a better sense of Health and Wellness. 


  • Community involvement is sustained through volunteer work.
  • Massage students receive support via communication during class visits and monthly group meetings.

Organizational Affiliations: American Massage Therapy Association